Old Spice Guy's popularity on Twitter charted

Old Spice recently released about 14 ads with The Old Spice Guy (OSG) personally responding to Tweets from 14 celebrities. Some of the celebs are Hollywood types, others are Web Celebs like Guy Kawasaki, Biz Stone, Kevin Rose. You can see OSG’s video replies here. They are great.

I put together a chart showing the number of Tweets that mention the words ‘old’ and ‘spice’. The chart shows just how quickly the Twitterverse filled up with Tweets about the OSG. Before 9am on July 13th, there was hardly any mention of the OSG, but then, within 6 hours, there’s a spike of about 2,300 tweets per hour about Old Spice. Alas, nothing lasts forever, and after peaking at 4,500 Tweets per hour, the Twitterverse quieted down and settled at around 400 Tweets per hour about the OSG.

BTW, the OSG says he’s hung up his towel.

Chart of the Old Spice Guy's popularity on Twitter
OSG Trend

2 thoughts on “Old Spice Guy's popularity on Twitter charted”

  1. Yeah, that’s unbelievable, 180 videos.

    I’d love to get my hands on the YouTube information for analysis, but their API doesn’t look like it’s data extraction friendly.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. Don’t be a stranger, I’m a fan of your work. I like what you’ve done with Lyza. I stayed away from it after Stephen Few ripped it a while ago. It’s good to see folks go against the grain and turn out quality stuff.

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