Unemployment Insight Dashboard for March 2010 shows troubling trend in long-term unemployed

This month’s update shows continued growth in the long-term unemployed population who now number 6.5MM. That’s an all-time high and equivalent to the entire population of Arizona (men, women, and children) being out of work. What will it take to start seeing reductions in this group? Have their jobs disappeared for good? In the coming weeks I will try to answer these important questions by working with the Bureau of Labor Statistics to see if I can get more granular data about this population. Until then, you can find a good story about the long-term jobless here.

In addition, the industry section on the bottom right side of the dashboard shows many industries reversing the trend of increasing weekly work hours. For the last couple of months this section has been filled with blue bars showing growth, but this month, most of the bars are gray, showing contraction in average weekly hours of production. What does this mean?

I welcome your comments, both positive and negative. I especially want to hear your thoughts on improving this dashboard. In particular, I’m considering getting rid of and/or dramatically altering the bar chart on the left side of the dash showing the number of un/underemployed Americans. I think the scaling of the chart makes differences in the blue bars hard to pick up, I also don’t like the lack of context in the chart. Perhaps indexing it to 1 year ago might be better.

If you’d like to print out or save a copy of a beautiful, high-res, 11 x 17 pdf version of this dashboard, just click here.

Dashboard of Joblessness in the U.S.-March 2010

Author: John Munoz

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