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What’s new in Tableau 9

tableau conferenceWell, Tableau’s 2014 customer conference has come to an end.

Tableau has a lot of changes coming out in version 9. They also teased the audience by announcing an entirely new app for mobile, which looks very interesting.

I’ve summarized the keynote below. Bolded items are my favorites. You can watch the 2 hour keynote video here.

Chris Stolte (CDO and Founder)

Demoed ‘type in’ pills. In v9 you will be able to type in formulas directly on the row or columns shelf with autocomplete. 

The new calculation editor has drag and drop enabled from the canvas. You can interact with the view while the calculation dialog is open. Changes apply immediately to viz. This looks like a much better flow for analysis than in current Tableau.

There’s a new Analytics tab added next to the data window. Analytic functions can be accessed in the tab (mean/median/box plot/forecast/fit trendline). You can drag and drop all of these now.

Trendlines update with mark selection (very useful!).

Interactive Table calculations in the flow of analysis-as table calculations change, the canvas updates immediately. This will make table calculations much easier to understand because you will see what the calculations change in real time.

Geographic search is built directly into maps. Easily search city/state/country and the map will pan and zoom appropriately.

New tools for selecting points (at least on maps), lasso and radial, that’s pretty hot.

Andrew Beers (VP Prod Development)

Making Tableau Faster

Tableau’s data engine in V9 is multithreaded (3 to 4x faster than 8.2)

Tableau’s live data connection runs queries in parallel (potential 3-5x reduction in runtime).

Instant / continuous tooltips

Faster map views. Map tiles load instantly. Faster pan and zoom.

Fewer processing dialogs (spinny circles) because of persistent query caching ‘let’s us share the query results between multiple users so we don’t have to repeat the work’. Server will do less work to support more users.

Mark Rieder (Sr. Dir Product Management)

Some changes around getting data into Tableau

Automagic string parsing (called split) in the data prep window and on the canvas (pretty awesome)

Automagic reading in of human readable Excel spreadsheet.

Unpivot feature on dates (turn column dates into rows, for example)

Web data connector REST/JSON (have to build it yourself though)

Dr. Jock MacKinley (VP of Visual Analysis)

Next chapter in Story Points-more expressiveness over story point navigator (color/font to match viz)

Navigator to tell linear stories (sequential numbers, like this NYTtimes interactive story) for stories with a strong Story Arc.

Size and position of navigator with font control

Francois Ajenstat (Sr. Dir of Product Management)

In 8.3 support for Kerberos (single signon authentication client to data base)

Smart Card access from desktop

APIs publish content and assign permissions via api

Better Server user interface (instant refresh on scroll)

Much better search (faster and more streamlined) user interface and results

Breadcrumbs left on views/workbook/project)

Data sources exposed on server and details (many attributes available)

Permissions user interface much improved. Easy to understand and change.

Ellie Fields (VP of Product Marketing)

Live cloud-to-cloud data connections

Connect different cloud business applications (Salesforce and Redshift) via centrally managed credentials via OAUTH

Access to On Premise data-Tableau data sync-machine acts as a secure agent

Put dashboards wherever you need them. You can embed interactive Dashboards in Salesforce, for example.

Dave Story (VP, Mobile and Strategic Growth)

Much faster scrolling, images load just about instantly.

Type in pills that were shown in desktop are also available in mobile.

Offline capable. Set a schedule on your viz and Tableau will fetch new snapshots from your server when you’re online. You’ll have access to the most recent snapshot when you’re offline.

New App named Project Elastic. Explore data by ‘feel’ load spreadsheets directly into the app. App is a bit difficult to explain. You can find a pretty extensive write up at:


Tableau did not announce when the beta for version 9 will be released. My guess is the first or second week of October.

This year’s conference gave me the chance to connect, reconnect, and run with some really great people. Below is a list of the people I was fortunate enough to spend time with at the conference. These are the folks that help make the Tableau community so wonderful.

Gregory Lewandowski (@lewandog), Andy Kriebel (@vizwizbi), Chuck Hooper (@chuck_hooper), Neil Raden (@neilraden), Paul Chapman (@cheeky_chappie), Paul Banoub (@paulbanoub), Alberto Cairo (@albertocairo), John Rodat (@johnrodat), Joe Mako (@joemako), Michael Cristiani (@mcristia), Ramon Martinez (@hlthAnalysis), Andy Cotgreave (@acotgreave), Russel Christopher (@russch), Matt Francis (@Matt_Francis), Elissa Fink (@elissafink), Ben Fox (@benfoxbf), KK Mologu (@KKMologu), Ted Cuzillo (@datadoodle)

After the conference ended

After the conference ended